Providing products to consumers for more than thirty years.
We Bring Brands to Life.

Our Vision

Batten Industries has been providing high quality and unique products to customers in Canada for over thirty years. Batten has over fifteen brands available in retail locations across Canada and the US.

James Roberts started Batten Industries in 1984. While in grade ten, James took his mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and started selling customized key chains at the Pacific National Exhibition. After several successful years of selling customized key chains, James started looking around the globe for the best consumer products. As Batten continued to grow its product selection, it also began expanding its retail footprint by participating in consumer exhibitions and trade shows across Canada. In 2005, Batten began to create its own products and brands expanding their presence in trade shows, consumer shows, retail locations and television brand activations.

Today, Batten has over fifteen different brands available in numerous retail locations across Canada and the US including Costco, The Bay, London Drugs and more. James is still instrumental in the success of Batten Industries, travelling around the globe continually to refine production of his products or looking for the latest and greatest consumer product.

Over 75 Products

We are always adding new and exciting products to our growing inventory.